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Habiytak bel Sayif
(I Loved You in Summer)



This page contains a translation into English of the lyrics "Habitak Bel Saif", which was sung by Fairuz. Also included is a transliteration of the Arabic lyrics into the Roman alphabet so you can sing along if you like.

Other ways the song title has been spelled include "Habbaitak Bissayf", "Habytek bel Saif", "Habitak Blsaif", "Habbaytak Bel Saif", "Habbeytak Bessayf", "Habbeytak Bessay", and "Habaytak bel Saif".

Fairouz is a legendary Lebanese vocalist, one of the most deeply respected living singers in the Arabic-speaking world. She was born in 1934. Her singing career began in the 1950's, and she achieved stardom in the 1960's. Her husband, Assi Rahbani, and his brother Mansour Rahbani, and they achieved legendary status as a composer and lyricist duo. The three worked closely together from the 1950's through 1979, with Fairouz's beautiful voice turning many of their compositions into hits.

Song lyrics are provided for educational purposes. If you like the song, please purchase either the album or a download from an authorized source.

Lyrics: Rahbani Brothers
Music: Adapted by the Rahbani Brothers from the French song "Coupable d'Oublier"


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On Belly Dancing With Amira Mor



This song was transliterated by Nabil Gheith.

Arabic Lyrics

English Translation

Be ayam el bard, be ayam el sheti
In the cold days, in the days of winter
We el raseef bohayra, we el sharea gharee'a When the sidewalk has become a lake and the street is drowned

Teegi hak el bent, men bita el aateek
This girl has come from her old house to await him.
We yekola intareeni, we tontor aa el tareek He told her to wait, but he has gone away
We yeroh we yensaha, we tedbel be el shetiAnd forgotten her, and she pines away in winter.
Habiytak bel sayif, natartal bel sheti I loved you in the summer, I waited for you in winter
We aoyonak bel sayif, we aoyoni bel sheti Your eyes are summer, My eyes are winter
We maleana ya habibi, khalf el sayif we khalf el shetiAnd our reunion, oh my love, is beyond summer and beyond winter.
Mara'et el ghariba, aatatini resala The stranger passed by and gave me a message
Katabiha habibi, be el damea el hazeen My lover had written with his tears
Fatahit el resala, horofan Dhayeen I opened the message whose letters were lost
We mara'et eyam, we gharabitina seneen And days passed, years made us strangers
We Horof el resala, mahaha el shetiWhile winter had erased the letters of the message


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Artist: Fairuz
CD Title: Paradise Music of Arabia


Artist: Claude Ciari
CD Title: Plays Fairuz: Habbeytak Bessayf

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Artist: Amira Mor
CD Title: Belly Dancing with Amira Mor


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Linda Grondahl's background is that of a devoted lover of Arabic music and dance. She danced with Amina and the Aswan Dancers for many years. She took Arabic percussion with Mary Ellen Donald, Su Su Pampanin, George Dubai, Vince Deldado, and Tony Lammam. She took Arabic singing from Nicole Ibrahim, Mimi Spencer, Georges Lammam. On the oud, she studied under Nazir Latouf, Mimi Spencer, Abdullah Kdough. She was a member of the Aswat Arab-American Choir under the direction of Elias Lammam. She is now a member of the El Ashaab dance troupe, and Tahneen, the all-girl, all-American Middle eastern music ensemble. They have played for Arab and American events, and for many years at the Rakassah festival.

"I just saved whatever I could get my hands on, for years", writes Linda, "and really don't know why. It was always so dificult to get music, so I just kept on saving."

Linda lives in San Francisco, California. Her favorite color is any shade of purple.

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paroles officielles♪ Habaytak Bel Saif ♪

Be ayam el bard, be ayam el sheti
Weir raseef boohayra, wishareh ghareek
Teegi hak el bint, men bait el aateeh
Weir eelantaree, ooh tun-tor al tareek
we rouh yinsaha, we tedbel be sheti
Habaytak bisayf, Habaytak be sheti
Nartartak bisayf, Nartartak be sheti
We aoyonak bisayf, we aoyoni sheti
Maliana ya ha-bi-bi, khalf el sayf ooh khalf fe sheti
Mara'et el gharibee, aatatini resalee
Katabiha habibi, bid da-maal hazeen
Fatahit el resalee, houroufha dayyeen
ooh mara'et eyam, ooh gharabit nah-sneen
Wa horof el resalee, mahara el sheti
Habaytak bisayf, Habaytak be sheti
Nartartak bisayf, Nartartak be sheti
We aoyonak bisayf, we aoyoni sheti
Maliana ya ha-bi-bi, khalf el sayf ooh khalf fe sheti
khalf fe-sayf ooh khalf fe-sheti

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