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Top Best Corporate Finance Books  –Corporate finance essentially deals with the capital investment and financing decisions of a corporation which have a bearing on the performance growth of the entity. This includes both short-and long-term financial planning which entails developing and implementing specific strategies devised for the purpose. These financial decisions usually encompass investment decisions, where and how much should a firm invest, financing decisions, how to source the funds needed to make necessary capital investments while keeping a close eye on the debt-equity ratio, and dividend decisions, which relate to returning the benefits of investments to shareholders. Here we present a list of selected best corporate finance books to help students, beginners as well as professionals in the field of corporate finance enhance their understanding of the subject.

#1 – Corporate Finance For Dummies

Author – Michael Taillard

Book Summary

An excellent introductory Corporate Finance Book  which lays threadbare the fundamentals of corporate finance for students as well as beginners. This work elaborates on various aspects of corporate finance in a methodical manner, thus helping readers acquire a good grasp on theoretical concepts, followed by useful information on practical application of these principles. Some of the key topics covered in this work include accounting statements, cash flow, capital management, identifying and mitigating risks along with a focus on critical areas like mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and valuation. A highly recommended work on corporate finance for those new to the field with a balanced treatment of its various aspects providing a complete overview of the field.

Key Takeaways from this Best Corporate Finance Book

A commendable introductory book on corporate finance which stands apart for its readability, depth of clarity and a highly organized approach to this complex field. Offers useful information, tools and resources to help understand corporate finance principles and strategies along with their practical application. An ideal knowledge resource on corporate finance for laymen as well as students of the subject.

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#2 – Introduction to Mergers & Acquisitions

Author – Kate Creighton, William J. Gole MBA, CPA

Book Summary

A highly useful Book on Corporate Finance M&As which details a complete strategic approach necessary for a corporate acquisition, aimed at minimizing any risks involved in the process and handling of unexpected issues arising out of the same. The author focuses specifically on the need for integrating corporate strategy with M&A planning. Keeping in view the significance of mergers and acquisitions, the author offers useful guidance on pre-transaction planning including insights on key documentation and complex aspects of deal structuring among other things. A complete work on M&As and their relevance to overall corporate strategy which can help streamline the entire process to enhance functional efficiency and achieve higher level of risk management.

Key Takeaways from this Best Corporate Finance Book

A highly recommended work on M&A planning along with identifying and managing risks associated with corporate acquisitions in an effective manner. The author has dealt at length with the question of developing corporate strategy in such a way as would allow a far more efficient handling of mergers and acquisitions which can play a significant role from the point of view of corporate strategy.

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#3 – Applied Corporate Finance

Author – Aswath Damodaran

Book Summary

This top corporate finance book which on the application of underlying principles in the context of six real-world companies. For the sake of clarity, three types of decision-making are recognized, investment, financing and dividend decisions depending on the nature and purpose of any specific decision. This structured approach not only makes it possible for students to grasp intricacies of practical corporate finance but the text also encourages further study with the help of live cases and concept questions. An ideal work for students as well as professionals willing to develop a detailed practical understanding of corporate decision-making.

Key Takeaways from this Top Corporate Finance TextBook

Demystifying a complex subject like corporate finance, the author utilizes six real-world companies to explain in clear terms the process of decision-making. The sole focus is to help students apply the fundamentals of corporate finance to study real time data of corporations and gain an in-depth understanding of how corporate decisions are made. A highly recommended work for students and professionals to get acquainted with the study of corporate finance through live case studies and real-world examples.

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#4 – Corporate Finance (Irwin Series in Finance)

Author – Stephen A. Ross, Randolph W. Westerfield, Jeffrey F. Jaffe

Book Summary

This best corporate finance book addresses some of the most challenging aspects of the study of corporate finance, including integrating all the complex aspects into a coherent whole. The current updated edition offers updated information on critical issues along with illustrations of real-world examples and case studies. It comes with supplementary material including a student CD-ROM, S&P’s Card and Ethics in Finance Powerweb to bring added value to the readers. To offer a wider perspective on the subject, this work also includes valuable articles and opinions of leading experts in the field, which helps elucidate certain complex aspects involved. A commendable work on corporate finance and its application for students as well as practitioners.

Key Takeaways from this Top Corporate Finance Book

Bringing to board the expertise at their command, the authors present an overview of corporate finance which brings together disparate aspects of the subject to help create a better understanding. Realizing the significance of practical application and the issues involved, this work heavily relies on practical illustrations of real-world examples and also offers some useful supplementary material for students we well as beginners.

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#5 – The Revolution in Corporate Finance

Author – Liza H. Jacobs

Book Summary

This top corporate finance book deals at length with the ongoing transformation in corporate finance, discussing latest theoretical advances in the field and how they impact real-world corporate decisions. Primarily, the text makes use of groundbreaking articles from the reputed Bank of America Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. This updated edition offers a good deal of additional information, enhancing the overall value of the work as a highly accessible academic text for the average reader. It also features two new chapters on International Finance and International Corporate Governance along with discussing the contribution of Nobel Laureate Merton Miller to the field of finance. A must-have possession for anyone looking to get acquainted with the latest in terms of theory and practice in the field of corporate finance.

Key Takeaways from this Best Book on Corporate Finance

An advanced text on latest advances in the field of corporate finance which utilizes a number of scholarly articles from the Bank of America Journal of Applied Corporate Finance for the purpose. What makes this work unique is that despite making use of visibly academic work, it comes across as a highly accessible work for the readers. In addition, this work also offers useful information on the contribution of Nobel Laureate Merton Miller to the world of finance. A gem of a work for students, beginners as well as professionals.

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#6 – Principles of Private Firm Valuation

Author – Stanley J. Feldman

Book Summary

The author presents a highly practical exposition on the valuation of private firms which combines a purely academic approach with a practical one. This work deals with several complex aspects related to firm valuation including how firms actually create value and ways to measure it with a great deal of transparency. Some of the issues discussed include valuing control, determining transaction value and valuation implications of FASB 141 (purchase price accounting) and FASB 142 (goodwill impairment). Dealing with wide-ranging legal and technical issues related to valuation and deal structure is what makes this an immensely useful work for professionals who have more or less of an advisory role to play in valuation of private firms.

Key Takeaways from this Top book on Corporate Finance

An excellent corporate finance book on firm valuation and deal structuring which deals with intricacies of valuation including what apparently constitutes value and how is it measured. A number of topical issues are discussed in the work with a focus on technical and legal issues with a view to bringing in greater transparency in the process. A must-read for financial practitioners who need to deal with the issue of valuation in any form whatsoever.

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#7 – The Theory of Corporate Finance

Author – Jean Tirole

Book Summary

It is nothing less than a masterful work on modern corporate finance theory which brings together different aspects of this complex field with his highly organized approach and accessible language. Building his work around the incentive or contract theory approach, he goes on to address corporate governance and auditing reforms, the role of private equity, financial markets and corporate mergers and acquisitions among other things. He offers a comprehensive view of corporate finance in a way which makes it possible to judge its impact in both micro and macroeconomic contexts, applying advanced concepts without losing sight of the fundamentals. A highly recommended read for students as well as practitioners of corporate finance.

Key Takeaways from this Best Corporate Finance Book

An advanced book on corporate finance theory which delves deeper into the complexities of this field than most other works, while retaining its accessibility for the average reader. One of the rare works which makes it possible to study broader policy issues related to corporate finance along with those having more of an immediate impact. A perfect read for those who would want to pick up the finer threads of corporate finance theory without losing track of the reality.

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#8 – Corporate Restructuring

Author – Bryan de Caires

Book Summary

This best corporate finance book deals with the complex question of corporate restructuring which involves a wide range of factors and impacts corporations in a big way, to say the least. Due to intense market competition and the need for corporations to readjust their position more often has made restructuring a much more common phenomenon today. The author deals with various forms of corporate readjustments including leveraged buy-outs, buy-ins, mergers and acquisitions along with refinancing which are usually adopted for the purpose. In this highly dynamic marketplace, it has become increasingly difficult for corporations to make the right choices when it comes to restructuring despite availability of varied options. This work is intended to fill this gap and makes for an ideal companion for students as well as financial professionals.

Key Takeaways from this Top Corporate Finance TextBook

An evolved corporate finance book focused on the idea of corporate restructuring and how corporations can make the right kind of decisions to achieve desired results in this direction. The author deals with the corporate deals of buy-outs, buy-ins along with M&As and other forms of restructuring activity which forms the bulk these activities. A classic work on restructuring meant for students as well as professionals in the field which need to deal with the issue of restructuring in one form or another.

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#9 – Multinational Business Finance, Global Edition

Author – David K. Eiteman, Arthur I. Stonehill, Michael H. Moffett 

Book Summary

A comprehensive overview of international corporate finance which offers useful insights on enterprise decision-making for managers and business leaders in general. To help readers gain a practical understanding of the issues faced in decision-making, real-world cases are presented throughout the work. The entire focus of expert authors is towards helping managers prepare to face the challenges of operating big corporations in a highly dynamic and constantly evolving marketplace. A brilliant read for students, professionals as well as business leaders to understand the intricacies of multinational corporate finance.

Key Takeaways from this Best Corporate Finance TextBook

Authored by experts in the field, this work offers a unique understanding of decision-making and problem-solving in international corporate finance. A number of real-world cases are presented for readers to apply the principles enumerated. An ideal read for students, professionals and business managers to acquire a detailed understanding of international corporate finance.

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A discussion-based learning approach to corporate finance fundamentals

Lessons in Corporate Finance  explains the fundamentals of the field in an intuitive way, using a unique Socratic question and answer approach. Written by award-winning professors at M.I.T. and Tufts, this book draws on years of research and teaching to deliver a truly interactive learning experience. Each case study is designed to facilitate class discussion, based on a series of increasingly detailed questions and answers that reinforce conceptual insights with numerical examples. Complete coverage of all areas of corporate finance includes capital structure and financing needs along with project and company valuation, with specific guidance on vital topics such as ratios and pro formas, dividends, debt maturity, asymmetric information, and more.

Corporate finance is a complex field composed of a broad variety of sub-disciplines, each involving a specific skill set and nuanced body of knowledge. This text is designed to give you an intuitive understanding of the fundamentals to provide a solid foundation for more advanced study.

  • Identify sources of funding and corporate capital structure
  • Learn how managers increase the firm's value to shareholders
  • Understand the tools and analysis methods used for allocation
  • Explore the five methods of valuation with free cash flow to firm and equity

Navigating the intricate operations of corporate finance requires a deep and instinctual understanding of the broad concepts and practical methods used every day. Interactive, discussion-based learning forces you to go beyond memorization and actually apply what you know, simultaneously developing your knowledge, skills, and instincts. Lessons in Corporate Finance provides a unique opportunity to go beyond traditional textbook study and gain skills that are useful in the field.

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