Dissertation Topics On Cognitive Psychology

It is expected that the Master of Arts (MA) thesis will be completed within the first two years in the program. The Master's degree will normally be required before studies for the doctorate are begun.

The main component of the doctoral program is the dissertation. Students are usually assigned to a specific research supervisor when they are admitted to the program based on interests and background. Any of the core or cross-appointed faculty listed on the faculty page can serve as supervisors for the doctoral program. In addition, the adjunct appointees to the department are also occasionally willing to supervise our doctoral students. Completion of the Doctoral dissertation typically requires another three years after completing the MA.

Examples of dissertation research topics in Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Neural processing of fearful and happy facial expressions: effects of fixation to facial features and task demands. Karly Neath, 2015.
  • The effects of eye gaze and head orientation on covert attention capture. Adam Palanica, 2014.
  •  Modulation of gaze-oriented attention with facial expressions: ERP correlates and influence of autistic traits. Amandine Lassalle, 2013.
  • Remembering Faces in Different Places:  The Influence of Context in Face Memory. Shahnaz Koji, 2013
  • The science of wayfinding:  An analysis of navigational differences between good and poor wayfinders. Punya Singh, 2013
  • The Investigation of Long-Term Cognitive Changes After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Using Novel and Sensitive Measures. Lana Ozen, 2012
  • Perceptuomotor Incoordination During Manually-Assisted Search.  Grayden Solman, 2012
  • Mechanisms of the Aging-Related Positivity Effect in Memory and Attention. Jennifer Tomaszczyk, 2012
  • The Consequences of Everyday Inattention.  Jonathan Carriere, 2011
  • Oops! I can’t believe I did that!!” Inducing Errors in a Routine Action Sequence. Amanda Clark, 2011
  • June Must Be Right and 9 is on Top:  An Investigation of Time-Space and Number-Form Synaesthesia. Michelle Jarick, 2011
  • Studying Journal Articles Under Time Pressure. Lisa Meschino, 2011
  • Towards a Theory of Visual Concealment. Kelly Malcolmson, 2010
  • The influence of study context on recollection: Cognitive, neural, and age-related processes. Erin Skinner, 2009

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Dissertations for Cognitive Psychology

  • Ahn, Doehee

    An exploratory study into the development of cognitive and metacognitive processes in mathematics problem-solving via computer

    Ph.D. thesis, University of Alberta .

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  • Ahn, Jeahyeon

    The effect of accents on cognitive load and achievement: The relationship between students' accent perception and accented voice instructions in students' achievement

    Ph.D. thesis, Ohio University.

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  • Al-Aama, Arwa Yousef

    Vigilance taxonomy in safety-critical monitoring systems (SCMS)

    Ph.D. thesis, The George Washington University.

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  • Alzafiri, Fayiz Mensher

    An experimental investigation on the effects of Web-based instruction/training on cognitive and psychomotor learning

    Doctor of Philosophy thesis, University of North Texas.

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  • An, Jae Soon

    Understanding mode errors in modern human-computer interfaces: Toward the design of usable software

    Ph.D. thesis, Indiana University.

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  • Antonenko, Pavlo D.

    The effect of leads on cognitive load and learning in a conceptually rich hypertext environment

    Ph.D. thesis, Iowa State University.

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  • Baker, Ryan

    The effects of multiple column online text on reading speed, reading comprehension, and satisfaction

    Ph.D. thesis, Wichita State University.

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  • Barboa, Elvia

    The use of a culturally sensitive video in presenting AIDS information to a Hispanic population

    Master's thesis, University of the Pacific.

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  • Bass, James Doyle

    Combat vehicle identification: An adaptive computer-based training system incorporating a hybrid adult learning model and rich imagery

    Ph.D. thesis, Drexel University.

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  • Baylor, Amy L.

    The effects of designing instruction for text on learning

    Ph.D. thesis, University of South Carolina.

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  • Beattie, Karen K.

    The effects of intensive computer-based language intervention on language functioning and reading achievement in language-impaired adolescents

    Ph.D. thesis, George Mason University.

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  • Beemer, Brandon Alan

    Dynamic interaction: A measurement development and empirical evaluation of Knowledge Based Systems and Web 2.0 decision support mashups

    Ph.D. thesis, University of Colorado at Denver.

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  • Bernstein, Debra Lynn

    Developing technological fluency through creative robotics

    Ph.D. thesis, University of Pittsburgh.

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  • Bertz, Michael Davis

    Situated learning methodologies and assessment in civil engineering structures education

    Ph.D. thesis, Georgia Institute of Technology.

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  • Biello, Antonio D.

    A model for developing interactive instructional multimedia applications for electronic music instructors

    Ph.D. thesis, Nova Southeastern University.

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  • Bills, Conrad Gail

    Effects of structure and interactivity on Internet-based instruction

    Ph.D. thesis, Kent State University.

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  • Bishop, Mary Jean

    The systematic use of sound in multimedia instruction to enhance learning

    Ph.D. thesis, Lehigh University.

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  • Bolton, Amy Elizabeth

    Immediate versus delayed feedback in simulation-based training: Matching feedback delivery timing to the cognitive demands of the training exercise

    Ph.D. thesis, University of Central Florida.

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  • Booth, Dale A.

    The effects of tape recorded testing for college students with and without learning disabilities in reading and processing speed

    Master of Science thesis, Central Missouri State University.

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  • Booth, Jackie Louise

    An analysis of children's learning from cartoons

    Ph.D. thesis, University of South Florida.

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