Saxon Math Homework Sheets 3rd Grade

Stressing science and social studies connections, Math 3 uses simulations and games to help your students understand and practice new concepts. This course covers skip-counting; identifying ordinal positions; adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers; dividing by single-digit divisors; adding positive and negative numbers; adding and subtracting fractions; plus measurements, mass, function rules, coordinate graphs, angles, and lines of symmetry.

Saxon teaches students using a spiral-format that consistently reviews older concepts, adding more and more information to concepts they've previously encountered.

The teacher's edition contains all the information needed to teach the course through 140 fully scripted lessons that include child-friendly language and techniques proven effective. Each lesson includes four components: The Meeting, The Lesson, Class Practice, and Written Practice. Every fifth lesson includes a written assessment and every tenth lesson includes an oral assessment. Teaching math through a variety of hands-on manipulatives, this program is perfect for students who have a kinesthetic learning style. The included student workbooks and fact cards provide written practice sheets for each lesson, fact sheets, assessments, and color-coded fact cards. Children are given the appropriate tool as described in the lessons; fact cards and fact sheets are designed to provide students with additional practice and to give them the opportunity to use fact strategies from the lesson to solve problems.

This kit includes:

  • Teacher's Edition; 843 pages, softcover, spiralbound.
  • 2 student workbooks and 1 fact card set. Consumable, non-reproducible workbooks. Classroom recording forms are also included, along with oral assessment forms.
  • Meeting Book, 24 pages, softcover

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