Chinese Language Teacher Cover Letter

Tuesday, March 10th: Writing your Resume and Applying for jobs

  1. How and where to apply for jobs in China
  2. Application technical information
  3. Writing a Chinese resume
  4. Chinese cover letters

Why do you need a Chinese resume and cover letter?

  • 1 A Chinese resume(中文简历) and cover letter(求职信) shows that your Mandarin is business proficient(中文业务能力). It gives future employers a writing sample and showcases your skills, experience, and personality in their native language.
  • 2 A Chinese resume is a reflection of your attitude. It shows that you are serious(认真) about working in China and studying and speaking Chinese.
  • 3 A Chinese resume gives you a competitive advantage(竞争优势). Nowadays, everyone is looking for a way to stand out in the job market and you can stand out among other applicants with a Chinese resume. More and more foreigners are learning and speaking Chinese and you need to distinguish(区别) yourself from the rest.
  • 4 A Chinese resume opens doors. It allows you to apply for jobs that may not be available to someone who does not speak Chinese. Many jobs at Chinese companies will require a Chinese resume.
  • 5 China is a place where you don’t want to lose face(丢脸). Possessing a Chinese resume gives you face and credibility.

Jiao Yu is one of the founders of Sinology Institute. He graduated with a Masters in Teaching Chinese to Foreigners from Peking University. He has 12 years of Chinese teaching experience after working as a scriptwriter and producer for Chinese educational documentaries. He is currently teaching at Beijing Foreign Studies University School of Business through a partnership with Sinology Institute. He is in the second phase of writing and publishing his own Chinese textbook using the latest and most progressive teaching and studying methods.

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Kristen Carusos is from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. She graduated from Kennesaw State University with a major in International Affairs and a minor in French. She studied abroad in China for the first time in Shanghai in 2010 and again in 2011 at Beijing Language and Culture University. She graduated and moved to Beijing in 2012 and has been studying Chinese since then. She works in the Marketing Department at the Sinology Institute.

Rachel Cross
4404 Hartland Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Career Objective Chinese Teacher seeking opportunity to put past training and skills to work for a school that is growing.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Skilled in training Chinese language teaching and applied linguistics
  • Sound knowledge of the latest trends in language pedagogy
  • Outstanding knowledge of writing and editing teaching and supporting materials
  • Remarkable ability to deliver large-scale workshops and seminars
  • Outstanding ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Strong computer skills, specifically with Microsoft Office

Work Experience:

Chinese Teacher, August 2005 – Present
Boston Public School, Milwaukee, WI

  • Planned and developed instructional materials.
  • Worked collaboratively with authors and Editorial to develop learning specifications.
  • Conceptualized, authored and edited interactive Chinese content.
  • Reviewed digital products to ensure features and functionality align with pedagogy.
  • Consulted on content matters pertaining to online Chinese educational materials.
  • Identified errors with print, audio-visual, and/or online content and corrected.

Chinese Teacher, May 2000 – July 2005
Mamaroneck High School, Milwaukee, WI

  • Reviewed Chinese instructional materials and made recommendations for revisions.
  • Managed to synthesize key language instruction trends.
  • Identified similarities and differences with other Chinese instruction programs.
  • Devised strategies for the promotion of materials with Chinese teachers.
  • Developed concepts for promotional materials resonating with Chinese teachers.
  • Assist in the creation of support materials for teachers.


Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese, Nyack College, Nyack, NY

Example #2
Objective Resourceful team player with a positive and effective teaching style seeking employment as a Chinese Teacher in a reputed school.
Areas of Expertise:

  • Expert in Chinese translation.
  • Strong knowledge of Chinese art and history.
  • Good knowledge in teaching Chinese through dynamic and interactive sessions.
  • Extensive working knowledge in Chinese curriculum and textbook development.
  • Wide experience in teaching mandarin, preferably at the elementary and secondary level in the U.S.
  • Strong experience in creating lesson plans and leading student group activities.

Teaching Experience:

Chinese Teacher, 2007 – Present
Langley High School, McLean, VA

  • Educated students about Chinese language and culture.
  • Developed and implemented individualized Chinese plans for assigned students to meet individual needs, interests, and abilities.
  • Provided Chinese instructional support for other classroom teachers.
  • Designed and delivered thematic Chinese curriculum to children.
  • Taught students in Chinese writing and reading skills.

M.A in Philosophy, 2007
Princeton University
B.A in Human Services, 2005
Stanford University

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